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July 2019


Reading Suggestions from the Secretariat

Reading List

For the Secretariat in Montréal, it is the middle of the summer holidays and a time when we catch up on our reading. We have compiled a reading list of what we found interesting to share with you—from the impact of the lack of specific data on the safety of women, to the importance of creating common myths, to working together to generate information on design policy initiatives—the google link is a selection of our top articles and summer reads. You can add your own recommendations to the area below the list!

Link to Google Doc


Icographic 13


Issue 13 (1978) contents include: A fascinating glimpse at the purpose of Chinese characters and how words are translated from other lanaguages by Patrick Wallis Burke; Children's picture preferences—a study; Button-down graphics—the signing of the World Cup 1978; Dutch artist Pam's Reuter's engravings/alphabet; Giving visual identity to a school of music; Otl Aicher's sign posters, and more...

Read and download your copy


SM Graz 2019 Report

Special Meeting Report

"A design city, week, museum and event has the power to educate the consumer and to focus messages that are fundamental for communicating the true value of design."—David Grossman at ico-D Special Meeting Graz 2019, a recent gathering of representatives from Design Weeks, Cities, Museums, Festivals, and Biennales. Participants addressed the TOPICS: Being Heard and Women in Design and explored Fundamental Questions around how these design entities can collaborate to achieve mutual goals and address shared challenges. The 2019 Special Meeting was a successful event that fostered future collaborative efforts amongst the participating organisations. The official SM Report 2019 is now available online.

Special Meeting Graz 2019 report


Anant National University

New Member

Anant National University, located in the Sanskardham School campus in Ahmedabad is the first design university of India. The university is committed to nurturing 'Solutionaries'—students who are revolutionary in their thinking and solution-oriented in their approach. AnantU's Mission is to prepare and empower students to design, build and implement equitable and sustainable solutions for India and the world. ico-D is pleased to welcome AnantU to our educational membership.

Read about our new Member


Recap Regional Meeting EUROPE

ico-D Events

The ico-D Regional Meeting Europe 2019 was recently held in Matosinhos (Portugal) bringing together European design entities from Portugal, Italy, Lithuania, Norway, Denmark, the UK and more, on 20 – 21 June 2019. Participants gathered for a series of talks, roundtable and panel discussions to address these key TOPICS:
01 Globalisation: Positioning Design to Face the Changing Global Economy
02 Metrics + Data: Conveying the Value of Design by Measuring It
03 Public Design Policy: Regional, National and Local Considerations
04 Design Agenda: Establishing Shared Design Codes and Strategies
05 Collaboration: Pooling Resources to Address Common Challenges

The meeting was hosted by the Porto Design Biennale.

Have a look at the FB Recaps from RM Europe Day 01 and Day 02


Design for Europe


When implementing new design policies, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The Danish Design Centre has produced a report supported by the European Commission that aims to show how countries and regions can explore the unique needs and opportunities of their design sector to drive more design-led policies and programmes.

Download the PDF


Design: The “Next” 30 Years


Where is design going? Jorge Camacho, co-founder of Diagonal, a research, design, and futures studio based in Mexico, explores the evolution, current state and challenges for design based on theories of techno-economic cycles.

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2019 marks the 100th anniversary of the opening of Germany’s best-known art school, the Bauhaus. Do the Bauhaus’s social ideals and design principles still shape how we live today? Explore the legacy of this iconic German institution in this three-part video documentary.

See it here


Tools for creative entrepreneurs


Often one of the biggest challenges facing young designers is not the designing, it's learning to run a business around the designing. Flanders District of Creativity is a Belgian organisation that supports, promotes and connects the Flemish creative industries. Here they have developed tools for creative entrepreneurs to manage and grow their business.

See the tools here


28GA Dates announcement

ico-D events

ico-D is pleased to announce to all Members and our Community that the 28 ico-D General Assembly (28GA) and associated activities will be held from 29 November–01 December 2019 at Emily Carr University in Vancouver (Canada). In conjunction with 28GA will be ico-D Platform Meeting 2019 as well as a day-long social activity hosted by ico-D Member Graphic Designers of Canada (GDC), called “Practivism”, an event about envisioning and mobilising a better future through practical methods for radical sustainability in design.

GA event page


Executive Board Nominations

30 August deadline for nominations

Call for nominations to the 2019–2021 ico-D Executive Board. Nominations are accepted for the positions of President Elect 2019–2021 (President 2021–2023), Secretary General, Treasurer and Vice President (5 positions). Elections to be held at the 28 General Assembly. Nominations may be made by authorised representatives of ico-D Members via the ico-D 28 GA registration site no later than 30 August 2019.

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