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September 2019


Organising Design Award Competitions

ico-D Best Practice Document

We have been working on an update of the Best Practice paper on Organising Design Award Competitions, which was last updated in 2012. As the final stage in the writing of this document, we are now counting on you to help us. You can download the DRAFT version of the document at the link below and, based on your experiences with Design Awards in your region, send us your feedback. Please send your comments, edits and questions to secretariat@ico-d.org before 15 October 2019 so that we may consider them for the published document.

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Icographic 14/15


In this last issue (from 1979) of icographic, Icograda's publication, featured articles include: The London Underground diagram; Blissymbols for the disabled; Type research at the London College of Printing; Tell us what's wrong in pictures—a medical phrase book; Japanese match box graphics; Pictorial prescription labels; Signing system for a maternity hosptial in Buenos Aires; New ways to view world problems; First steps on a thousand mile journey—part 4.

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ico-D Regional Meeting (RM2019 EUROPE) Report

ico-D Regional Meeting Report

When our Council was founded in 1963, a large portion of the 28 Founding Members came from Europe. Today, Europe still has an important concentration of design organisations and industry heavyweights but there have been important shifts in the global flows of goods, manufacturing practices, who the consumers are and how we are all connected. Within the current geo-political situation, the meeting focused not only on regional concerns but the need to think globally and strengthen the sector through partnerships and increased collaboration.

The meeting was conducted in Matosinhos (Porto, Portugal) on 20–21 June 2019 hosted by ESAD-IDEA and Porto Design Biennale 2019.

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The Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University

New Member

The Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University has been instrumental in setting the tone for design standards in education in China. The design school at Tsinghua has nurtured many art and design professionals with degrees at the Bachelor, Masters, and PhD levels, with many graduates from the Academy having gone on to hold senior positions and play important roles in the universities, research institutes, government and industry. The Academy’s philosophy for design education has been tied to the development of China’s modern art and design education since its establishment in 1956, participating in China’s principal art and design projects and playing the role of a national research institute for art and design.

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Inter-organsiation design research—Teal Triggs

Member Forum

"We have witnessed a growing reliance on inter-organisational design research which has emerged in order to address the enduring and increasingly complex grand challenges or ‘wicked’ problems of our time, such as the climate crisis, technological innovation, migration, and healthcare. In the face of a fourth industrial revolution, and continuing uncertainty about Brexit, a significant role for design to respond to such challenges is required with some urgency."

—Extract from an essay presented by Professor Teal Triggs, Royal College of Art (RCA) to delegates at the ico-D Regional Meeting Europe (RM2019 Europe) on programmes at RCA exploring how the academy and global business together might provide new perspectives on critical thinking in the context of learning, research and innovation.

Learn more about inter-organizational design research from the experts and students exploring this new realm


Designing AI

Podcast: Designing Ethical AI

How will designers play a role in designing safe, ethical AI systems for the future? Coded to be goal-oriented, to seek out resources and successful outcomes, and to make endless copies of themselves in order to protect their own data, drones and other automated systems have implications for cyber warfare, global trading systems, and the emergence of a new autonomous capitalism. A new podcast from Taylor & Francis (publisher of ico-D Communication Design [journal]) presents research by Steve Omohundro explaining the ethical pressures being placed on designers of AI.

Listen to the podcast How Researchers Changed the World

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Inclusive Design

Designing for Diversity

“Design Can” is a new online resource aiming to address the lack of diversity in the design industry in the UK. According to the site founders this industry is “78 per cent male, only 13 per cent of employees are from black, asian and minority ethnic backgrounds, and worryingly there are few comparable statistics for people with disabilities, and none that are recent or particular to the design industry.” In our opinion, applicable in many places outside of the UK as well, the website includes a Manifesto as well as case studies, articles, interviews and other resources that address this issue.

Check out all these resources on design inclusivity

And read the Manifesto!


Emily Carr

Meeting Host Feature

Founded in 1925, Emily Carr University of Art + Design (Canada) has been at the cutting edge of conversations around culture for close to a century.

The ico-D 28 General Assembly will take place in the university’s two-year-old purpose-built campus, home to Emily Carr’s rich community of pioneering research labs and studios, including the Health Design Lab, Living Labs and the Shumka Centre for Creative Entrepreneurship, Material Matters, Basically Good Media Lab, the Studio for Extensive Aesthetics, Studio for Critical Making and Canada’s only DESIS Lab.

Have a look at ECU's facilities here in this feature


(Registration reminder) PRACTIVISM

Member Event

The ico-D Members and Community are invited to join in on the Special Event: "PRACTIVISM X" held the afternoon and evening of 29 November 2019 (immediately before the General Assembly) hosted by ico-D Member Graphic Designers of Canada (GDC) BC Chapter: a social activity including an edition of “Practivism”, a panel discussion and a Pecha Kucha. The event is an opportunity for networking with the local Vancouver design community and the ico-D international community.

Find out more about PRACTIVISM event


Abe Rosenfeld (1936 - 2019)

In Memoriam

Honoring the legacy of designer and Icograda Vice President (1985–1991) Abe Rosenfeld who passed away 16 of July 2019 at the age of 83 in July, in Tel Aviv (Israel).

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Global Design Camp

Member News

Global Design Camp was a collaborative student project between Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) and Manchester School of Art at Metropolitan University (MMU). On 15–19 July 2019, 30 students from multiple design disciplines from both ico-D Member institutions came up with creative design solutions for their "Ideal City". Global Design Camp was a 5-day workshop organised by the Design Council of UK and facilitated Jonathan Ball, product designer and design strategist.

A successful global education model to follow, read more

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