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November 2019


WDD2020 Theme Announcement

World Design Day

For World Design Day 2020 our theme is 'Be Professional!'. It is a reflection on the designer's role, not only in designing, but in our greater responsibilities towards humanity, the planet and culture. World Design Day (WDD) is an opportunity to recognise the value of design and its capacity for change in the world—and to celebrate the birthday of ico-D. Marking the anniversary of the establishment of the International Council of Design on 27 April 1963, participants worldwide are invited to gather, innovate, and live out a moment of design by organising public events and initiatives on 27 April of each year.

For WDD2020: Be Professional! on 27 April 2020—we propose activities to honour the great legacy of the design profession with a focus on the things that make us professionals at what we do. For designers and organisations, read our kickstart ideas for discussions and sharing as well as organisation-based activies.

We would like to thank, once again, Peter Bankov, for his wonderful design of this year's theme poster!

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Now that we have shared all the 15 issues of Icographic from our archives, we’re moving on to the next Icograda publication. Iridescent (Icograda Journal of Design Research Volume 1, 2009–2011), the second iteration of the Council's design research journal, Icographic, was about breaking boundaries and was coined the 'prism on design research'. A global take on the future of design, Iridescent merged interdisciplinary facets of theory, practice and research. Edited by Omar Vulpinari (Icograda President 2009–2011) and printed by Fabrica, this beautiful limited edition work includes papers by Elizabeth Tunstall, Lawrence Zeegan, Zhao Jian, and many more.

Iridescent Volume 01 | 01 [PDF]


Stellenbosch Honors BA in Design with African Context

Member Feature

The new BA programme at the Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography incorporates debates around decolonising the curriculum and African modes of knowledge, worldviews and how these shape design, art production and visual communication more broadly. To find out more, we asked Anabelle Wienand Honours Coordinator and Visual Studies Lecturer in the design faculty to tell us more about the programme and its innovations.

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Bienal Internacional del Cartel en México

New Member

Founded in 2011, our new Member, Bienal Internacional del Cartel en México, is an international professional organisation dedicated to poster design. Because posters are such an an effective medium for message transmission, the aim of BICM is to act as an information exchange platform for poster graphics, to archive collections as a complete historical record of poster design, and to serve as a project space for creators to gather and bring new, related projects to take form. In addition to housing an extensive poster archive, BICM holds poster competitions, congresses and observes a range of thematic collections all focused around poster designing.

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Bringing algorithm and imagination together for powerful design


Rare insight from Former Dean of Central Academy of Fine Arts China, Professor Min Wang who discusses the impressive growth of design in the last 40 years since the Reform and ‘Opening Up’ in China. According to his analysis, Chinese modern design concepts and mechanisms have experienced four stages in the past 40 years, namely: 1978-1988 striving to learn, 1988-1998 searching for identity, 1998-2008 coming to maturity, 2008-2018 gaining the confidence. The interview was first published in Chinese in the journal Design, translated and adapted for the purpose of publishing with the International Council of Design.

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Two new Design Award Competitions Best Practice Papers Released


Thinking of organising a Design Award Competition, or serving as a juror in one? How do you do this in ways that are ethical, and that respect the integrity of designers, the design process and the value of design?

Design Award Competitions evaluate and recognise existing work created by designers. and can play an important role in the field, serving to illustrate and define current design benchmarks that may influence future design projects, methodologies and outcomes. We've created two new documents as part of a new Best Practice series—an integral set of guidelines for Organisers and Jurors participating in the creation and judging of, Design Award Competitions: Best Practice paper: Organising Design Award Competitions and Best Practice paper: Serving as a Juror for Design Award Competitions. These Best Practice papers are now available to download.

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Guide: Designing for Diversity


According to D4D new processes are in need to create for all, especially underrepresented communities. Jahan and Boyuan, co-founders of Project Inkblot, is a team of designers and 'futurists' who partner with companies to build equitable products, services, and content. Recently they created Design for Diversity™(D4D)—a framework that enables designers to make better work by illuminating cultural and racial biases within their design, ideation, and creative processes. The guide helps build a shared language, asks core questions for your design process (like: "What is the worst case scenario, and on whom?"), provides a checklist to avoid the common pitfalls, and more.

Easy-to-use guide


Issue on Ethics in Design

Reading List

“How to be good” in design is one of most difficult questions we deal with in the field. Because the Council is now in the process of reviewing our Model Code of Professional Conduct for Designers, we’ve been looking at global examples of codes of ethics, examining the issues and new ethical dilemmas. In the Reading List provided, notice the link (below) has three tabs to explore: Ethics, Codes of Conduct from around the world, and Headlines on current issues related to ethics.

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An evaluation on the “world wide web” and how it measures up to its many promises. The New York Times Magazine provides an interactive and whimsical look at the introduction and development of the internet and some of its impacts. Scanning the advancements that the world wide web has provided to some, while also highlighting the many setbacks we’re faced with today.

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AWDA winners

Member News

AIAP, Associazione italiana design della comunicazione visiva (Italian Association of Visual Communcation Design) in partnership with the International Council of Design, is pleased to annound the winners for the 2019 Aiap Women in Design Award (AWDA)—a unique Design Award Competition dedicated to women designers of visual communication design.

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