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March 2022


the 'metaverse' will make design irrelevant


After two years of living our lives online, it seems like reality is losing its real-ness. We are losing our grip on what matters, subsisting on a diet of ‘news’, social media and entertainment to replace family, friends and meaningful interactions with the real world. Hyperreal spaces like the 'metaverse' are one of the new technologies that offer an enticing 'reality' to fill these voids. In this polemic, we examine why designers should be deeply suspicious of where this is going—ethically, and for the future of professional design.

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Founding documents

Founding documents

Leading up to our 60th Anniversary next year we are posting founding documents of the International Council of Graphic Design Associations. In this Directory from 1963, we can review a list of Icograda's original founding Members, organisations hailing from Argentina to Iceland to the former Yugoslavia. Such historical lists give us pause to reflect on how designers from across the globe come together to support a shared vision.

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Alexey Lazarev Interview and Feature


A look into the work and career of esteemed colleague and friend, Alexey Lazarev, Visual Communications Officer. Alexey leaves behind a solid graphic template for the Council’s visual communications. He has been instrumental in creating a cohesive visual identity for the Council over the past decade that is exemplified in the visual codes of the new website as well as across platforms on social media, in printed documents and beyond.

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design organisations must do their part in educating designers about spec work

Professional practice

Often we are asked by Members to support them in speaking out against crowd-sourced design competitions—otherwise known as 'spec competitions' or sometimes, ‘design challenges.' This is a particular form of competition that the Council deems to be both unjust to designers and unprofessional for designers to participate in. As long as designers continue to participate in these competitions in large numbers, design organisations are going to struggle to have them eradicated.

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Member news

Member news

ICoD Member, the Association of Polish Designers (STGU) is working with local partners on a website to post jobs for ad industry workers, including designers. On AdAid.eu employers can post job opportunities that are open to Ukrainian refugees, to be completed either in their country or remotely. Associations and Educational Institutions have a good network of studios and other potential employers, so please share information about the site and encourage them to post!

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Industry news

Industry news

Something interesting happened when the pandemic sent everyone home to work. Suddenly, freelance work could be done from anywhere and everywhere. Another interesting side-effect? Designers started to turn down work based on their ethical convictions: “[q]uality freelancers are in high demand globally, so it’s not really that surprising to see them being selective about who they work for.” Perhaps one positive outcome when designers are asking themselves if they want to be associated with brands whose values they disagree with.

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Arkın University of Creative Arts and Design (ARUCAD)

New Member

Respect for the environment, health and safety issues, in addition to equality in gender, racial and religious values characterise the teaching ethos at Arkin University of Creative Arts and Design (ARUCAD), ICoD's latest new Member. ARUCAD is a progressive art, design and communication institution in North Cyprus. Through its interdisciplinary, cross-cultural programmes the University raises the bar in standards in the fields of art, design and communication, with the intention of contributing to cultural and intellectual life, locally, regionally and globally.

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The theme for International Design Day 2022 is 'Suspended in Transition. We are encouraging designers to appreciate this moment of unknown for the vast possibility it contains. Rather than succumb to the urge to simply move forward, this is an opportunity to sit with the discomfort of the unknown and allow for considered regeneration and growth. What kind of future do you think designers should be striving to build?

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In keeping with our IDD 2022 theme, we look at an opinion piece by urbanist Sarah Ichioka and architect Michael Pawlyn, authors of Flourish: Design Paradigms for Our Planetary Emergency. A call for a key shift in thinking, the piece states that "what we know for certain is that when we refuse to accept the status quo as inevitable and strive to bring about change, we can have a powerful effect in inspiring others to do the same."

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Women in design

Women in design

We all know there is a gender gap in design. As we celebrate International Women's Day 2022, we realise that we still face the same issues. While more women are graduating from design school than men, most studio heads and designers presented in the media are men. This article looks at some of the key challenges still facing women in an effort to find ways to address them.

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Design history

Design history

Amijai Benderski, a designer from Uruguay, put in place a design library to fill the gaps in the local representation of Uruguayan design history. The result is La Patria, a library that includes posters, typography, logos and other design artefacts chronicling the history of Uruguayan design. Benderski explains that "knowing our background helps us understand ourselves as a society; in other words, taking care of our heritage is investing in our future.”

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