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April 2024


International Design Day 2024

International Design Day 2024

The Council invites you to participate in this year’s celebration of International Design Day (IDD2024), taking place on 27 April 2024. The theme: is it kind? is about reshaping design as a kindness practice. With the IDD2024 Toolkit (see PDF) we ask Members to engage in activities to show how they are designing to build kindness into their design practices, and how they are working to ensure a kinder future for all.

ICoD Member Lithuanian Design Association, ICoD’s partner for International Design Day 2024, will host its own event: a local conference broadcast online through a live stream in which speakers from social, philosophical and biological fields will respond to the design-provoking question is it kind? and share their views and tools to enable designers to have more conscious processes.

Read about how you can join us in celebrating IDD24!

And download the toolkit!


Speculative Futures Design


In her new book, Speculative Futures Design Approaches to Navigate Change, Foster Resilience, and Co-create the Cities We Need, North Atlantic Books and Penguin Random House (2022), Johanna Hoffman outlines design approaches that visualise new and potential worlds—to help move designers beyond what currently exists into the realms of what could be. In the author's words, ‘By giving us permission to imagine, speculative futures encourage a shift in attitude from “What’s the problem?” to “What’s possible?”’ Speculative Futures challenges current norms about cities and promotes building adaptive practices that address issues in the short- and long-term.

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Watch the video presentation by Johanna Hoffman


the council partners with tsinghua university to establish design education laboratory

ICoD news

Are educational institutions that teach design ready to confront the challenges of the future? The Council announces the inauguration of the International Design Education Laboratory, providing students and educators opportunities to experiment and delve into the social, economic, cultural, and environmental challenges anticipated by 2050.

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audio MoMA

Sustainable design

Supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies and featured at MoMA, Life Cycles: The Materials of Contemporary Design is a six-part audio series exploring how makers are pushing the boundaries of design and imagining new possibilities for the future. The talks tell the "material stories" of corn husks, beeswax, and more as they undergo a process of waste transformation. In each, the transformation is about enhancing the viable economies of the larger life cycles of these materials and their relationships with people and the environment.



Interview with IDD visual identity creator Engle

Member news

ICoD Member The Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design (PolyU Design) celebrated its 60th Anniversary with a Grand Opening Ceremony themed “Designing Time”. The ceremony showcased the remarkable achievements of its alumni, and launched the university’s new identity; The Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design will hereafter be referred to as "PolyU Design" or "the School". The new logo, with its striking feature of an invisible 'i' in the word design, highlights PolyU Design’s foundational ethos to center Interdisciplinarity, Inclusiveness and Innovation.

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PolyU Design timeline


AI and ethics

AI and ethics

When your artificially intelligent companion is “always on your side,” can you trust the advice they give? Or is it just a fragmented aspect of yourself? Also known as “virtual people,” A.I.-powered chatbots are popular, friendly, and “frighteningly good at appearing sentient” (in other words, they can seem very “real”). This New Yorker article talks about designing A.I. bots so that the simulated social environments they provide have ethical modalities and filters. The big question seems to be: How do you build A.I. to enhance relationships but still protect those who are emotionally vulnerable people from potentially harmful interactions?

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Member news

Member news

Researchers from ICoD Member Deakin University School of Creative Arts in Australia won the prestigious Gold Anthem Award for their Perpetual Pigments: Sustainable Colour/Continuous Colour project. Perpetual Pigments is a ground-breaking, research initiative and supporting exhibition of renowned First Nations visual artists and print makers framed within the circular economy conversation and led by co-curators, Dr Russell Kennedy and Dr Tonya Meyrick, with the support of Professor Rangam Rajkhowa and the Institute for Frontier Materials (IFM) team.

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"Deep uncertainty" is the overarching theme in the eighth annual State of Fashion report by The Business of Fashion and McKinsey & Company. The State of Fashion 2024: Riding Out the Storm reveals an industry navigating uncertain futures. Ten key themes are identified as markers of how the industry will move ahead. Some key findings indicate the predicted year-on-year retail sales growth, macroeconomic, geopolitical as well as climate-crisis pressures that will challenge the industry’s growth, with more than 50 percent of fashion executives surveyed planning to raise prices to bolster their businesses and the role of generative AI, sustainability and travel will play in terms of growth and innovation in 2024.

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