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January 2019


World Design Day 2019: Women in Design

World Design Day

The goal of World Design Day is to challenge designers to reflect on the state of the profession: to recognise how design affects the well-being of people, is a vehicle to honour diversity, transcend borders, and improve quality of life. For World Design Day 2019 we want to highlight women designers. Designers who create intelligent, inclusive, sensitive design, whether to make big differences or small ones. This year we propose activities and to honor women designers past and present on 27 April 2019. Thanks again this year to Peter Bankov (Russia) for his design of this year's poster.

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Icographic 10


Issue 10 includes content from Educgraphic, Icograda's first meeting in North America, investigating design education and standardisation issues as well as how to create design teaching aids for youth. Symbol conventions to represent unemployed men and women during the Depression era seem controversial today, but offer intriguing visual imagery, situating this issue in time, as does an isotype chart of showing births and deaths in Vienna and an exploration of the history Bauhaus 56 years after its founding by Moholy-Nagy.

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Design Declaration Summit Website Now Online

Design Declaration Summit

We are pleased to announce that the official website of the Design Declaration Summit is now on-line. To keep up with the on-going process and upcoming events as well as sign up for communications, visit the new website.

The Montréal Design Declaration recognises the need for strategic leadership on design matters at local, regional, national and international levels and the need for governance models, political agendas and policy to take design into account.



ico-D Interviews 2018 ADAA Winner Alena Gelen

Adobe Design Achievement Awards

"The skill to mix cultural references came from my love of observing and analysing how cultures develop within the context of globalisation." (Gelen 2019) ico-D recently held an exclusive interview with Alena Gelen, this year's winner of the Adobe Design Acheivement Awards for Fine Art Photography. Alena Gelen is currently a student at Educational Member, Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography in Cape Town (South Africa).

Check out the interview with an inspiring ADAA winner


RM Europe 2019 Announcement

Regional Meeting Europe

The design industry in Europe has had drastic changes in the last few decades. Production and markets have moved largely East and South, and the mobility of the workforce and the consumer is now increasingly global. To discuss these shifts and engage with the design community at the regional level on common topics and challenges in an international context, the ico-D Regional Meeting Europe 2019 will take place in Matosinhos (Portugal) on 20–21 June 2019. The Regional Meeting Europe will be held in English and will be hosted by the Porto Design Biennale. This is an ico-D Member event.

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Nordic design resource


These are the results of the first ever comprehensive study of the Nordic design industry. The study reveals that there are far more design professionals in the Nordic countries than previously thought. Furthermore, the study offers new insights into how designers operate in a Nordic context. These insights are crucial in order to provide a more solid understanding of the design field in the Nordics. The study is based on an innovative methodological approach combining both classical and new sources of data.

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2018 Special Meeting Beijing Report released

ico-D Meeting Report

A meeting of design events, cities, museums and more. The 2018 ico-D Special Meeting was conducted in partnership with Beijing Design Week on 21–22 September 2018 in Beijing (China). Held to coincide with the opening of Beijing Design Week, the Special Meeting brought together representatives of 17 organisations from 14 different countries—including design cities, design events and design museums. The Special Meeting allows for design community stakeholders to better collaborate to achieve mutual goals and address shared challenges.

For a detailed overview of the 2018 Special Meeting read the full report


Indigenous Design Means Business: the Charter walks the Talk in Hong Kong


The official International Indigenous Design Charter designed by Marcus Lee Design, an Indigenous owned business in Australia, is now available as a PDF for worldwide use. The IID Charter has been acknowledged globally as providing a clear pathway to achieve authentic and respectful representation of Indigenous culture in design practice. Its recent exhibit at the 2018 Hong Kong Business of Design Week (BoDW) highlighted “a developing movement in Asia to seek out something that is culturally unique but contemporary and the International Indigenous Design Charter has articulated and elevated this conversation.” (Charter co-author Meghan Kelly).

Read the feature by Charter co-author Russell Kennedy

Official International Indigenous Design Charter


In Memoriam: Charles Harrison (1931-2018)

In Memoriam

ico-D mourns the loss of Charles “Chuck” Harrison (1931–2018), American industrial designer and educator who is famous for his transformation of the View-Master toy and the plastic trash can. As a freelancer, staff and ultimately Head of Design at Sears Roebuck & Company, Charles shaped the everyday lives of Americans through the hundreds of household and workplace goods he designed in the era following World War II through the mid-1980s.

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Sustainability Guide


What is sustainable development, and how do we to secure it? A coalition of Nordic design associations have developed a resource for Ecodesign that is available online. The Sustainability Guide outlines sustainability principles, offering case studies and training from sustainability experts that explore the key features of low impact design and assessment. A set of Ecodesign tools and methods guide on how to minimise the environmental impacts of products and services over their life cycle.

Read the Sustainability Guide online

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