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May 2019


ico-D Regional Meeting Porto

ico-D Events

Last days to register for the ico-D Regional Meeting (deadline 07 June 2019) to be held in sunny Matosinhos Portugal! The meeting is hosted by the Porto Design Biennale organisation and will gather European Members to explore common issues around the topics: Public Design Policy, Metrics + Data, and Globalisation, with the goal of setting a collective Design Agenda and forging paths to realise this agenda during a session designed around Regional Cooperation. To prepare, we have collated an annotated reading list with questions on each topic. We’ve also put together some links for you to help you explore the Porto region—a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is making waves in contemporary design, architecture and art—more fully in the off-hours. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Icographic 12


Interesting questions around the regional character of pictograms in this issue. Published in 1978, issue 12 contents include: Cyrillic Gothic: formal modifications to the design of a Russian typeface; A sign alphabet from Otl Aicher; Signing system for an Argentinian new town; The language of colour; Pictograms with Japanese accent; Pictograms with French accent; Design and semiotics; Isotype in the USA; and Speculative signing system form Yugoslavia.

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New Member
Gulf University (BAHRAIN)

New Member Story

With its technology-oriented curriculum, modern labs and studios and a diverse academic faculty, the design programme at Gulf University (Bahrain) is committed to nurturing professional interior designers who are socially conscious and are ready to enter the workforce when they graduate. New Member: College of Engineering/ Architectural and Interior Design Engineering at University of Bahrain aims to prepare a new breed of future engineers, combining interactive and multidisciplinary components, and traditional technical education with social consciousness and action.

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Deadly truth about a world built by men

Resource: Design and Gender

When we talk about issues like the gender imbalance in the design industry, we are not just talking about the representation of women among design professionals but of the impact that this disparity has on women everywhere. In this article in the Guardian by Caroline Criado Perez, based on her book Women: Exposing Data Bias in a World Designed for Men, the author looks at how spaces, tools and products designed with male measurements and body types in mind are actually doing real damage. From the impact on health and productivity of office temperatures to the lack of efficacy of protective gear, the impacts she reveals are truly hair-raising.

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The State of Fashion 2019: A year of awakening

Resource: Design Industry Report

Calling 2019 the 'year of awakening', the latest findings from McKinsey & Company declare a massive paradigm shift in the fashion industry where "old rules don't apply". No longer able to rest on past identities and successes, designers need to think digital-first, be transparent, integrate social issues and be willing to 'self-disrupt' to stay in tune with a whole new generation of consumers. Written in partnership with the Business of Fashion (BoF), this updated report explores the industry’s fragmented, complex ecosystem surveying more than 275 global fashion executives, thought leaders and pioneers on what’s next including predictions and trends for 2019.

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2019 Special Meeting Graz

ico-D Events

The Special Meeting addresses all the informal ways that people talk to each other about issues and the future of design: real work and networking happening among people in their own cities, at Design Weeks, and in the off-hours at Design Biennales, Design Weeks, Design Museums and so on. What can take root when an international body facilitates smaller, grassroots bodies getting together in a more formal setting? Hosted by Creative Industries Styria, in partnership with Beijing Design Week, the "Special Meeting" held its third iteration in Graz (Austria), a two-day event attended by representatives of 16 organisations from 12 countries.

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When design meets magic

Board Editorial

Can designers articulate that strange thing it is they do? What is this 'magic' designers perform? As shapers of culture, the future designer must also be a shape-shifter, able to don new skins and skills. In the article by ico-D Board member Frank Peters: "Future designers may find that their studio, once filled with pencils, markers, CGI software, etc. will change. Instead of font and pantone colour charts they will need to be as familiar with the periodic table and DNA charts with microscopes and petri dishes lying around alongside paper and material swatches.” Frank talks about how designers have changed with the changing world and design landscape by adapting and blurring boundaries, not without working a little 'magic'.

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an architecture guide to the UN: 17 Sustainable Development Goals

Resource: Sustainability Guide

A valuable resource outlining how the built environment interacts with the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals to inspire architects and stakeholders to engage with challenges related to poverty, inequality, climate, environmental degradation, prosperity, peace and justice. Created by The Institute of Architecture and Technology at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation, the Danish Association of Architects and the UIA Commission on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the Architecture Guide is a “call for action by all countries—poor, rich and middle income—to promote prosperity while protecting the planet,”—empowering architects to provide proposals and regulations for sustainable cities and communities, and to facilitate work and partnerships to make the right regulations to move forward.

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ico-D Events

The ico-D 28 General Assembly will take place in Vancouver (Canada) on 30 November 2019, hosted by Emily Carr University and Graphic Designers of Canada.

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PM2018 Report

Platform Meeting Report

The ico-D Platform Meeting 2018 Beijing was a three-day event held in Beijing (China) on 18–20 September 2018 hosted by ico-D Member Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) at the CAFA Campus, attended by participants across all continents. The theme was Design Is Changing. The importance of the meeting was to share, network and explore the potential to collaborate on five key topics: China in Context, Accreditation/ Certification, Lifelong Learning, National Design Policy (NDP) and Women in Design.

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Special Meeting Feature in DesignMonat Magazine


Our Special Meeting was featured in the Magazine of Design Month Graz. See the write up and discover the Austrian design scene and international collaborations with MUMEDI Design Museum (Mexico City), Istanbul UNESCO City of Design, and much more! (in German).

DesignMonat Magazine

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