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October 2020


Professional Code of Conduct

Professional Code of Conduct

The International Council of Design is pleased to announce the release of our Professional Code of Conduct for designers, presented as an international standard and reference. This Code is an aspirational document, intended to serve as a touchstone for professional associations crafting their own Codes, and to support educational institutions developing curricula. It is a tool for any designer who seeks to adhere to international standards.

The newly upgraded document has many new features including a Lexicon of terms and detailed explanations of concepts relating to design, new technologies, intellectual property and professional practice. The new Code firmly positions design as a profession, focusing on ethical issues and the overarching responsibility of designers to humanity.

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Communication Design


In 2015, Communication Design, Interdisciplinary and Graphic Design Research became the new face of the International Council of Design’s online peer-reviewed journal, following its predecessors Icographic and Iridescent. Led by Editor-in-chief Teal Triggs and published in partnership with Routledge (Taylor & Francis Group), the journal explores new directions of contemporary design practice and research. Continuing this important legacy of design scholarship, the launch issue Volume 3 (Issue 1) with cover design by Neville Brody, features an analysis of the aesthetics of branding 'urban black anti-hero style' for an American sport apparel company in an article by Bobby Campbell, Michele Buchanan’s piece entitled '@facevalue // expanding our typographic repertoire', among other articles by leading authors on design.

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Zhuhai Macau Design Centre

New Member

ICoD is pleased to welcome new Member Zhuhai Macau Design Centre (China) founded by another recent Member, Macau Design Centre (MDC) and the Zhuhai Huafa Group. The Centre is part of an innovative multi-functional initiative designed to promote Macau's cultural and creative industries. Coined a 'one-stop' public service platform, Zhuhai Macau Design Centre provides 20+ independent studios and multifunctional spaces to local designers and design companies to develop their brand and business, enabling them to run their business with creativity.

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Member story

Regional perspectives

What does design in Africa looks like these days? ICoD met with representatives of ICoD Corresponding entity DesignGhana, Felix Ofori Dartey and Sam Nii Adjaidoo, both active participants in the Pan Afrikan Design Institute (PADI). Ofori Dartey is an Independent Design Researcher based in London, and Adjaidoo is a Design/Branding Consultant who works to promote design methodologies among youth in Kumasi. Our conversation sought design perspectives in Africa, specifically, on the design scene in Ghana.

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New Member

Design is playing an increasingly important role in the economy, culture, and society of Taiwan, and the world. More and more industries are treating design as a core competitive advantage. With this in mind, Taiwan's government established the Taiwan Design Research Institute (TDRI) (Taiwan [Chinese Taipei]) in 2020. The aim of this project is to capitalise on Taiwan’s strengths in design to drive industrial development and the overall economic growth. ICoD is pleased to welcome new Member Taiwan Design Research Institute (TDRI), an institute that promotes design as valuable to central governance and as a national defence strategy, guiding the sustainable development of industries and society in Taiwan through design.

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Peter Bankov Lifetime Friend


Graphic designer Peter Bankov has been granted Lifetime Friend status—an honorific title granted by the Council to individuals who have made important contributions to our activities and advancement. Over the past decade, Peter has generously designed the posters for ICoD’s World Design Day programme, including World Design Day 2016: Design in Action!, World Design Day 2018: Kids Can Too!, World Design Day 2019: Women in Design, and World Design Day 2020: Be Professional! We are honoured to have Peter’s spectacular design work represent this important Council programme. Congratulations Peter, the honour is ours!

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Book recommendation

Book Recommendation

Hilary Cottam is a self-described 'social entrepreneur' who works with designers to implement design processes for government and social benefit.

In her book Radical Help: How we can remake the relationships between us and revolutionize the welfare state, Cottam explores how the societies the welfare state were meant to support have changed and gives concrete examples of ways in which the structure of the state itself, and the ways in which it addresses social ills, must adapt to a 21st Century reality. Through what she calls 'experiments,' Cottam and her team of experts—including designers—employ design processes to address specific problems from disenfranchised youth and chronic unemployment to drug addiction.

What is most marking about this book is the hope that it provides and a glimmer of a path forward for states to modernize (rather than abolish) their welfare programmes. A must read for those that wish to fundamentally change the world.

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In Memoriam: Patrick Wallis Burke (1928-2000)

In memoriam

It is with great regret that we learn of the passing of Patrick Wallis Burke on 10 August, 2020. Recipient of the Icograda President's Award and Executive Editor of Icograda/ICoD publication Icographic. Accomplished designer, educator, fiction author and family man, Patrick's student Herb Gillman recalled, “We created Icographic in our spare time at Ravensbourne, evenings and weekends, pasting it up by hand, setting the text with the old IBM golf-ball typewriter; how did he get his ideas, that amazing brain, those connections and articles!”

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