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November 2022


designers unite! make design visible!


Do you know who designed the clothes you are wearing? The phone in your pocket? Or the train you rode to work? Probably not. You don't know this because design is largely invisible. When it works, design simply makes an experience smoother, an object more functional and information clearer. Rarely will you be aware of design until something goes wrong.

But, without visibility, design is having difficulty asserting its value. To help push design to the forefront, the Council is starting a campaign to make design visible. We are asking designers to advocate for credit. If not for themselves, then for the advancement of the design profession. We are asking design clients to credit their designers and designers to do their part in convincing their clients that credit is fair and right and can be beneficial to them. Together, let's make design visible.

Join the @theicod #campaignforcredit !

Read the manifesto here


International Design Day

International Design Day

In 2023, the year of our 60th Anniversary, we celebrate International Design Day with a theme that nods to the Council’s legacy as an organisation. The theme for this year is ‘Peace. Love. Design!’. Inspired by the activism of the sixties, we encourage you to explore issues of environmentalism, social equity, collective movements and radical change.

We invite you to consider that today we are facing many of the same issues: war and the threat of nuclear proliferation, environmental degradation and climate change, increasing economic disparity, political polarisation and the rise of nationalist movements. We challenge you to think about how design has a role to play in solving many of these issues.

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professionalism for designers

On Design

Are cheaper ‘design services’ worth your while? Though you can bargain for the lowest rate for design work, or crowdsource a logo through open call competitions, the Council would instead recommend turning your attention to working with professional designers.

But how exactly do you know when you’re working with a professional, and when you’re not? To help, the Council has put together a concise list outlining factors, helping users make the distinction between a person who "designs" and a professional designer.

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ICoD news

ICoD news

We are pleased to announce that our Members have elected a new Executive Board for the 2022-2024 term. The Board is composed of representatives from seven countries, representing Professional, Educational and Promotional Members and specialists from graphic, industrial and interior design.

The Executive Board of the International Council of Design serves a term of two years. The Board is elected at the biennial General Assembly of the Members. Board Members are collectively responsible for the effective governance of the Council including the vigorous pursuit of its mission and objectives and the adherence to its core values.

Meet the Board




The narrative around sustainable design seems to be stuck on recyclability, ‘reducing’ impacts and ‘circular design’. Whilst still in a model of excess production and consumption, can design ever really get ahead of the sustainability challenge?

Of the five topics explored during this year’s Platform Meeting, the topic of REFRAMING SUSTAINABILITY provided designers the space to examine and pick apart their role in larger systems of production, consumption and sustainability. The Council invited Philipp Pattberg, professor of transnational environmental governance and policy at the Institute for Environmental Studies, VU Amsterdam, to speak on the issue, while Communications Officer Alisha Piercy moderated the session, with interventions from Director General, Ana Masut.

See the video here


ICoD Events

ICoD Events

On 15 October, in Kaunas (Lithuania) the Council hosted its 2022 Platform Meeting. Under this year’s theme, 'Design is possibility' the TOPICS explored included: SELF-REFLECTION, TRANSITION AND CHANGE, REFRAMING SUSTAINABILITY and DESIGN IS FOR PEOPLE.

The Platform Meetings offer a more in-depth discussion on current issues in design practice and how they impact professional associations, the teaching of design and, ultimately, the role of the Council in facilitating these exchanges.

Read the recap here




The Council is pleased to announce the winners of the 2022 Awards, as presented at the 29th General Assembly, hosted by ICoD Member Lithuanian Design Association. The ICoD Achievement Award, created in 2001, honours an outstanding career. The 2022 Achievement Award recipients were Gediminas Lašas, Audrius Klimas, and Aušra Lisauskienė, as nominated by ICoD Member Lithuanian Design Association. The ICoD Education Award, created in 2006, is presented to an educator from an ICoD Member institution, in recognition of outstanding innovation or achievement in design education. Elita Lam, teacher, mentor, designer, administrator and researcher, is this year’s recipient of the Education Award, as nominated by ICoD Member Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI).

Congratulation to the 2022 Award recipients! Read more




For Vogue, author Louise Erdrich meditates on the influence her Indigenous heritage—she describes herself as a "mixed-blood member of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa"—has on her experience of fashion. In what is ultimately an analysis of cultural identity and the politics of appropriation, Erdrich both educates and revels in the power of fashion as an expression of culture.

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There has been a lot of discussion around artificial intelligence (AI) and its employment in creative applications. Many of these discussions offer opposing views. One is that AI will take away creative jobs. The opposing view is that AI might be able to do some of the grunt work but that creativity is the realm of the human and that that 'spark' could never really be approximated by a machine.

For more:
Will AI change the way we design?

We have nothing to fear

Yes, AI will replace designers




We are interested in ways that different international actors approach awareness-building and engagement of citizens. The Museum for the United Nations held an event at COP27 to attempt to bring "the voices of people on the frontline of climate change directly into the heart of climate conversations". Using technology, they virtually brought in climate activists and community members of organisations that represent groups of affected populations, from ten different locations including Bangalore, Bamako and Mexico City.

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Please note that the Council Secretariat, based in Montréal, will be closed from 24 December 2022 to 08 January 2023 for the holiday season. Wishing all Members and the design community peace and good health during this period. Looking forward to collaborating with you again in 2023!

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