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July 2023




In our interview with Dori Tunstall about her new book, Decolonizing Design: A Cultural Justice Guidebook (MIT Press 2023), Tunstall describes it as a culmination of the lifework of others and her own experiences as a design anthropologist, educator, and advocate. She writes, "What surprised me the most in writing the book was how far back I have been thinking about cultural justice in design. All the way back to elementary school. While it has been in the last 10-15 years that I had enough conversations with global communities to frame a coherent language about it, the book is the documentation of those relationships, communities, and places that have shaped my commitment to decolonisation and cultural justice across mainly the United States, Australia, and Canada." Our conversation with Dori provides an introduction to key concepts and teachings of the book—a guide and a call to action to transform, or decolonise design—for equity, inclusion and diversity.

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Structured around nine design myths—deep-rooted mythologies about what design is and should be—The New Designer (MIT Press 2023) by author Manuel Lima, asks designers to “reflect on their practice and unshackle themselves from the hidden forces shaping design today”. Debunking myths like “design is perfection,” “design is sole genius,” or “design is the answer,” Lima offers a process for designers to uncover the interconnected ways they contribute to unethical systems of designing on levels that are personal, societal and environmental. Rethinking the immaterial impacts of designing: by designing communities, groups, societies and voices of change, is just one of the many ways proposed by this mindset-bending book.

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Rob L. Peters

In Memoriam

It is with the deepest of regrets that the Council announces the passing of our dear friend and colleague Robert L. Peters (1954–2023).

For the Council, Rob is a beloved Former President, having served during the 2001–2003 term as President of the Executive Board. In addition to his tenure serving on the ICoD Executive Board (1999–2005), Rob was a design activist, practitioner, writer and staunch supporter of the Council.

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ICoD Events

ICoD Events

International Design Day 2023: Peace. Love. Design! on 27 April 2023 commemorated the International Council of Design's 60 year anniversary. To celebrate, the Council collaborated with the Brighton University Design Archives, held an international call for the IDD2023 poster design, and was the subject of an exhbition in Shenzhen (China) entitled ICoD 60: ICoD in China. See our roundup of all the things we did to celebrate ICoD's 60th birthday!

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Ana Lifetime Friend

Lifetime Friend

The International Council of Design honours Ana Masut as an esteemed Lifetime Friend for her foundational work at the Council. Over the last eight years, Ana brought energy and insight to ICoD’s agenda, events, initiatives and activities, fostering dialogue and cohesion across international regions, and bringing professional design discourse to the forefront of the Council’s work.

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Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

The Council is pleased to announce the Professional Code of Conduct for designers now exists in the official Turkish translation produced by ICoD Member the Turkish Graphic Designers Association (GMK).

Celebrating a new translation of the Code


Melike's article on IDD 2023

IDD 2023

"Thinking beyond flags and borders is something designers and artists can already do; we have the ability to see the bigger picture."

To commemorate International Design Day 2023, ICoD Board Member, Melike Taşcıoğlu Vaughan wrote a think piece for Turkish designer blog Manifold, where she expanded on the importance of International Design Day and this year's theme: Peace. Love. Design!

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Icograda Archive

Icograda Archive

The Centre for Design History at the University of Brighton recently welcomed writer, Yun Wang, as a Visiting Research Fellow (VRF) as part of the Centre for Design History’s International Scheme. A contributing author to International Design Organizations; Histories, Legacies, Value and through the VRF, Wang had the opportunity to consult the Icograda Archives to further pursue their research.

Read more about their research and Check out the book

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tAiap Women in Design Award new deadline: 30 June 2023 The Canadian Arts & Fashion Awards 2023 self nominating applications  

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2023 taiwan international
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Submissions open from 15 May 2023 to 15 July 2023
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JAGDA international student
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2023 design intelligence award

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